Hollywood station, by Joseph Wambaugh

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Wambaugh is a former LAPD detective sergeant, and a terrific and funny writer of crime novels:

Hollywood station is about the LAPD, and a Hollywood station, by Joseph Wambaughsergeant called the Oracle. He is a seasoned LAPD veteran who keeps a close watch over his squad from his understaffed office at Hollywood Station.

They are: Budgie Polk, a 27-year-old firecracker whos begrudgingly teamed with Fausto Gamboa, the oldest, tetchiest patrol officer. Andi McCrea, a single mom who spends her days studying at the local community college. Wesley Drubb, a USC drop-out who joined the force to see some action. Flotsam and Jetsam, two aptly named surfer boys who pine after the petitebut intrepid Meg Takara. And Hank Driscoll, the one who never shuts up.

Together they spend their days and nights in the city’s underbelly, where a string of seemingly unrelated events lures the cops of Hollywood Station to their most startling case yet: Russians, diamonds, counterfeiting. Nothing is too horrific or twisted for Los Angeles. Here, its business as usual.

Hollywood Station is a wonderful, exciting and amusing read!

Other great books by Wambaugh at amazon US: Hollywood Crows: A Novel, Fire Lover, and Echoes in the Darkness.


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